Far North Aviation Ltd. The UK's northern most Handling Agent/FBO.

Based at Wick in Scotland we are the ONLY one stop aviation company, we do it all:

Handling, Fuel, Oils, Immigration, Customs, T1's, Import/Exports, Landing Fees, Flight Planning, Oxygen, Baggage, Hotels, Hangarage, Catering, Nitrogen and the list goes on......
The quickest and the best, we've turned you round, flight planned and booked you out before you land!

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Far North Aviation Ltd
Wick, Scotland - EGPC - 58273N 0030535W
Tel +44 1955 602 201 Fax +44 1955 602 203
Email info@scottishfbo.com


We specialise in Trans-Atlantic Ferry Flights, East & West bound. After a rapid turn around we can flight plan you in a straight line to Reykjavik or Keflavik or any other European destination.
Saving flying time and money. 
Uplift fuel and the Handling is free!


Total support and logistics for your flight in one stop.


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Tel (+44) 01955 602 201   Fax (+44) 01955 602 203  Email info@scottishfbo.com
Far North Aviation Limited is a limited company in England & Wales, No: 335311.
Registered Office: Strathdean, Sibmister Road, Murkle, Thurso, Caithness KW14 8SP