Rapid Turn Around for Trans-Atlantic Ferry Flights with No Handling Charges!

Far North Aviation Ltd specialises in supporting and handling Trans-Atlantic Ferry Flights.
We offer the fastest one stop turn around for ALL your requirements, or if you need a stopover we have 50,000 Sq' Ft' of hanger space and complimentary transport to and from Hotels.
We can handle ALL your requirements including Customs & Immigration. We will have the fuel bowser meet your aircraft as you park and have your outward Flightplan ready with the latest Weather so your time on the ground is as short as possible.

We have all the facilities you need for your aircraft, Fuels (Jet A1 & Avgas), Anti Icing (Prist, Isoprop'), Oxygen, Nitrogen etc. Please see Ground Services for more information.
All of these will all be waiting for you upon arrival at Wick, EGPC.

Due to the low number of Scheduled services using Wick we can offer a very fast turnaround with no holds on the inbound approach and an immediate departure when your ready, no slots or holds waiting for other aircraft using the runway.

Additionally we can handle all your Import and Export details for your aircraft including VAT and Duty repayments.

We will Flight Plan you on the most direct route to your destination saving you time and money, Westbound we will have you on a Euro Control approved flight plan direct to Reykjavic, just 648Nm.

Uplift fuel and we will Not charge for Handling, Flight Planning, Weather, Customs & Immigration etc.
Compare that to the likes of Prestwick, Glasgow & Edinburgh where Handling fees can be in the hundreds of pounds.
I.E. For a Cessna 172 at Prestwick the landing fees and handling are in excess of 190+VAT
A Cessna 172 at Wick will incur a VFR landing fee of 13.17 Inc VAT and NO handling charge if fuel is uplifted.


Ferry tanks supplied for most types of aircraft, Survival Equipment for hire, Flight Planning, catering and car hire all available.
Telephone, Fax and Broadband internet access (inc' Wireless) services are available from our office and complimentary Tea & Coffee.
Call us when inbound on 130.375Mhz and we'll even arrange & collect your dinner for you when you land!

We also offer Ferry Flight services using experienced ATPL Pilots for both Piston and Turbine aircraft.

For more details please contact us: info@scottishfbo.com

 Or call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (+44)1955 602 201 

Company Radio Frequency 130.375 Callsign FARNOR

 Total support and logistics for your flight in one stop.


Tel (+44) 01955 602 201   Fax (+44) 01955 602 203  Email ops@scottishfbo.com
Far North Aviation Limited is a limited company in England & Wales, No: 335311.
Registered Office: Strathdean, Sibmister Road, Murkle, Thurso, Caithness KW14 8SP