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Far North Aviation Ltd is now offering flight support services to Pilots and operators for flights into Europe.

Having operated in the North of Scotland supporting Trans Atlantic Ferry Flights as they pass through our FBO here at Wick (EGPC) we know how critical time is!

For Ferry Flights of aircraft being imported into the UK or Europe we can offer you the fastest turn around of any UK airport as we will normally have all your Customs and Importation Documents completed prior to arriving at Wick as we are HMRC recognised agents here and we believe the ONLY agent located at an Airport connected to the NCTS in Scotland and possibly the UK.
The NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) is a Europe wide system which is used for the now mandatory T1 document required for imported aircraft into the  EU/EEC. More details here.

Ferry Flights using other airports are facing delays of upto 24 hours, and sometimes more if they do not have a T1 prepared.

We can remove all this hassle and prepare your onward route/sector flightplans so the only time on the ground is to take fuel and grab a coffee!

Ferry Flights routing through Wick and Europe to other destinations, i.e. Africa, Asia, Non EEC European countries (Eastern Block) do not require a T1 but we still offer a rapid turnaround and onward flight planning.

Donít forget we offer Survival Gear for rent between Goose Bay (CYYR) and Wick also!


For Charter and Positioning flights into Europe by Pilots and Operators not used to the complex and awkward system used by Eurocontrol (CFMU) you can find that your Flight Planning Software is incompatible or missing one or some of the many and constant airspace changes. Again we offer a flight support service to give you the best and most direct routes which are all Eurocontrol approved.

Our flight planning is done manually with the best computer system available, the Human Brain! This may sound backward but this allows us to remove any unnecessary or indirect routings that can occur in automated systems and remove & prevent IFPS rerouting. The end result being the most direct and shortest Eurocontrol Approved Flight Plan saving you time and money!

  • No rejected plans from Eurocontrol!
  • Simple routing direct to your location!
  • No time lost trying to correct your Flightplans at the last minute!
  • Save time and gallons of fuel!

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This example was a plan from Wick to Southampton, Via Stornoway! Our revised plan, as direct as you can get.


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