Importation of Aircraft into the EU & transiting the EU/EEC
T1 Transit Declaration now Required

All General Aviation aircraft transiting the UK for fuel stops which are to be imported into another EU/EEC country or transiting the UK for further refuelling before re-exiting the EU/EEC to a non-EEC country for exportation now require a T1 (Transit Declaration) form completing and submitting to HMRC to declare the aircraft to Customs prior to being released for further transit to any other EU country.

This is a mandatory requirement for all flights stopping in the UK, even a short fuel only stop!

Here at Far North Aviation Ltd at Wick, being acknowledged HMRC representatives, we can complete and lodge these forms prior to your arrival at Wick to still ensure a rapid turnaround on your arrival.
No waiting on customs nor complex forms for you to fill in on arrival.

And we have all our normal facilities you need for your aircraft, Fuels (Jet A1 & Avgas), Anti Icing (Prist, Isoprop'), Oxygen, Nitrogen etc. Please see Ground Services for more information.
All of these will all be waiting for you upon arrival at Wick along with your outbound flight plan!

Don't be caught out and risk a lengthy stay elsewhere or even have your aircraft impounded, call Far North Aviation Ltd before you leave and we can have all your Customs forms prepared before you arrive.

Remember, this applies to Any GA aircraft transiting the UK prior to being imported into ANY EU/EEC country!

You can use THIS FORM to fax us the required details before you arrive at Wick, we will then have the required T1 form prepared for you to take on the aircraft (which is a mandatory requirement) for the rest of the journey.
Alternatively you can use the online form below:

Aircraft Registration:

Serial Number:


Description (Manufacturer & Type):

Original Country of Departure:

Country of Destination:

Airport / Place / City of Destination:

Name of Customs / Tax Office (if known):

Tax Office Code (2 letters & 6 numbers): Tax office code should look like: AB012345 but sometimes shortened to 12345

Consignor/Seller Details & Address:

Zip/Postal Code:


Consignee/Buyer Details & Address: Please provide as much contact detail as possible.

Consignee Email:

Consignee Phone no:

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Your Name:

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ETA at Wick and requirements:


For more details please contact us:

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